Leanne and Dan's 'Glam Meets Gatsby' Wedding at The Overlook at Twin Lakes and Kent Hotel and Conference Center

Oh these two!  They are truly meant to be!  Dan's intensity is a strong contrast to Leanne's 'chill' personality, but spend some time with them and you will realize that they are truly two halves to a whole, balancing each other out in the most amazing way.   On the morning of their wedding, it was the groom who called, concerned about the weather (eighty percent chance of non stop rain, starting at the exact time we were to begin pictures)! 

The venue for the ceremony was the stunningOverlook at Twin Lakes and they wanted some pictures in a nearby park after their First Look.  We discussed alternative locations and even moving up the timeline, but inevitably, we decided to keep things rolling and hope for the best!  Amazingly, the rain held out until after all of our pictures were finished! Although we did have to move the ceremony inside, because this couple chose to do a First Look, we were able to get so many beautiful images beforehand with NO RAIN!  Speaking of the First Look...this one was one of my all time favorites!  Dan's reaction to seeing Leanne for the first time was so sweet.  You can really see how much he adores her! LOVED being a part of capturing that moment! 

After the ceremony, we headed over to the Kent State Hotel for a fun cocktail hour and reception!  As the Maid of Honor said during her toast, the Bride and Groom, although different in many ways, share a love of helping people, and you could see that by the many friends and loved ones present that evening!  Leanne and Dan, we truly enjoyed being a part of your wedding!  Enjoy your preview!

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